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Event Video Production: How Does It Work?

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It is one thing to promote your events through written posts, and gathering people to visit through word of mouth, but with how prominent high-quality video production has become, it is easy to see why the most successful live events have the best event video production.

Yes, speaking about your event while people record you through their phone can be effective if you’re a good speaker, but people love the ‘show don’t tell’ aspect of events.

They want something to get excited about going to and if you’re showing the plan of what you’re going to be hosting and it gets people excited, well, guess what, you’re going to host an event with a lot more people there.

Yet, how does it actually work in this day and age, and how can you actually begin promoting your event through high-quality video content? Let’s talk more about it here!


How Does Event Video Production Work?

First of all, event production is the process of creating video content for social events, professional events, or special occasions with the aim of getting more people to come, along with sharing the event all over social media. Even things such as weddings and concerts can be part of these special videos.

Not only can event videography capture the raw emotions during an event you’ve just done, but this footage can be used to promote it if you ever do it again in the future, so people are reminded of how good it was last time. Yet, event video production often works in this way:



This is where the event video production team will plan and understand what you want from the video. It is also great for looking at getting a shot list, storyboard, staff, and locations for where your video is going to take place, because without a plan, your video will look rushed and have no structure.


In event video production, this is where the filming takes place. Once the script is written and you know how you want your event to come across to the audience, all you need is high-quality video equipment and content to capture these memorable moments in the most professional manner possible.


Filming the event is exciting, but post-production editing and refinements are where real adjustments are made to engage your audience. Adding sound effects, music, lighting, and more, and overall just capturing all the best bits, will be what it takes to create an action-taking audience that will want to take part in your event.


What Are the Benefits of Event Video Production?

To believe in the power of event video production for your event, we’ve listed some of the main benefits we see when a company takes it seriously:

There is so much potential for your event, whether it’s a corporate event, a social event, or one that is trying to gather people around over a certain topic. You can become a powerful voice in your industry if you’re willing to invest in yourself and your ideas.


Examples of Event Video Production

As we’ve said, these event films can be in many different forms, so getting a good idea of what some look like will give you an idea of how you can do the same and create the same response as all of these did throughout social channels and word of mouth.

As you can see from this piece of event coverage, it shows you everything you have to look forward to and what you could be a part of if you were to visit. This creates an amazing buildup for the fans, who then come out to watch.


This video is a bit more of an interview-style video, but it also showcases the great event highlights that the public has to look forward to next time. It creates emotion from the people there, which will no doubt get people there next year to see it!


This huge event in Liverpool, covered by ourselves, showcases a huge event that doesn’t happen often in this city. However, it gives close-ups of the amazing scenery, behind-the-scenes footage, and the gathering of people from all over the UK who have come here to witness this spectacle.


Start Your Journey Today For Your Event

If you’re looking to host events and don’t know where to start with gathering an audience, or host events all the time, but want to boost your reach, then event video promotion has to be on your radar in order to reap the benefits of all the people who’re going to see it.

As video production specialists ourselves, here at Guide Video, as you can see, we’ve done huge pieces of event coverage for some of the biggest events around the country, and want to help you in your quest to make your next event something special.

If you’re an ambitious business with a great vision for event coverage, we’d be more than happy to work on your project and come up with a marketing plan for how we’re going to reach as many people within your target audience as possible to come and witness it.

To get in touch with us for the next steps, call us at 0151 702 0140 or click the ‘get in touch’ button below. We can’t wait to hear back from you!


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