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At Guide Video, we take pride in partnering with brands and agencies to deliver high-quality video production. Our mission is to help you increase brand awareness, improve conversion rates, and boost sales through timely and professional video marketing campaigns.

Creative video marketing for ambitious brands

In the digital age, it is simply not enough anymore to just have mediocre social media reels on video platforms like Instagram or just produce low-quality online videos. You should also be considering powerful, high-quality video marketing that grabs and keeps the attention of your audience.

Having a clear video marketing strategy with all the equipment and team necessary to take you to the top is key, and we’re extremely passionate about delivering real-time results to our clients, no matter the size of your project.

With a team of skilled professionals and a proven track record, working with elite brands such as Eurovision, Uber Eats, Lush, and many more small businesses too, we bring creativity, innovation, and strategy to every project.

Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching content to go on social media platforms, engaging product demonstrations, or powerful brand stories, we’re here to guide you through the benefits of video marketing.

The main benefits of our approach to video marketing

If you’ve tried to create video content yourself and you’re seeing low video views, you’re probably confused about what you have to do to change your scenario. Well, here at Guide Video, we have a custom approach to each client, along with the best equipment and staff required to take you to the top. Here is what you can expect from us…

In order to create a video marketing structure that works, we first need to learn more about you and your company. Instead of assuming what you want and disregarding your knowledge, we will first tap into looking at your target audience, defining the message you want to send out to them, and beginning the pre-production planning process for your content.

From beginning to end, each step of the process should be taken into consideration in fine detail. Whether this is scriptwriting, storyboarding, creating videos, or editing the produced video, we know that our team and your company can forge something special when it comes to releasing the final product.

Whether it’s selling products and services within your marketing video or looking at different types of video content to cater to your target audience, we understand how to reach a wide demographic.

From the editing style and knowing what your customers want to SEO integration and technical platform-specific adaptation, you can rest assured that it will be optimised to the highest standard in order for your call to action to be acted upon.

Upon releasing the final product after our pre-production (strategy and planning), production (filming), and post-production (editing and enhancing), if the video doesn’t suit a certain platform, it is going to be unsuccessful and all the work we put in is going to be worthless.

However, if we assess the length of content, for example, short-form videos, we would assess where your audience is most likely to be and whether short-form content is popular on that platform.

Regardless of your video length or style of content, we will ensure that the content marketing platforms it is released on will give you the best chance of driving sales and engagement.

Once your video marketing content is out into the ether, we don’t just let it sit. We want to make sure that the results we hoped for are on track to hit. If not (because every campaign can’t be perfect), we make slight adjustments like true successful video production agencies do to push your video to the top of each platform.

Helping you hit your brands goals and needs

At Guide Video, our approach revolves around close collaboration with our clients. We ensure that every video we produce is entirely relevant to their needs and requirements. Our team works closely with you to understand your objectives and tailor our services accordingly. We provide video versions in different sizes to suit various platforms, including portrait for Reels and TikTok, ensuring maximum impact across all channels. With our collaborative approach and versatile solutions, you can trust Guide Video to deliver exceptional video marketing results.

Sectors we impact with our unmatched video marketing projects

At The Guide Video, we are the go-to provider for some of the leading and most well-known brands in the UK. However, regardless of whether you’re a small business or not, we’re here to help with all projects. Here are the sectors we work with if you want to get in touch with us:

Food & Drink




Our passion for these sectors is similar to that of those who start the company; thus, when we’re performing these high-quality brand videos, we’re having just as much fun as you are. Our commitment and dedication to perfecting our craft and making sure that your key messaging is hit and your goals are achieved.

Why The Guide Video are your go-to video marketing provider

With some of the biggest and most recognisable companies in the UK on our client list, our commitment to customer satisfaction is our number one priority, no matter if you’re a small, medium or large entity.

Our video marketing expertise is unmatched and with your live videos getting the attention to detail they deserve from our team from the minute they’re first worked on, our high-quality production values will take over from there.

Additionally, you’re going to have an individually tailored plan from the moment you speak with us and a vision to boot that you can believe in in order to take you to the next level.

With all the equipment you could ever desire and a team of experienced professionals behind you, we can create the best plan of action for your video production – there’s not much more you could ask for.

Our portfolio for video marketing

Explore our video portfolio and immerse yourself in a world of captivating visuals.

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Novotel Hotel

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LFC Experience

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Get in touch to discuss your video marketing needs

If you feel as though you want to take advantage of your nationwide video marketing specialists and begin building a brand filled with professional and impressive content, we’d love to work with you.

Creating a video marketing plan, acting on it, and then seeing your results flourish is one of the most satisfying parts of our job and we couldn’t be more excited to see your project shine too.

Our vision is to make our client’s visions come true. Whatever your plan is, whether you have one or not yet, is irrelevant, as we will dig deeper into what you really want when we discuss it over the phone or via email.

Therefore, to get in touch with us to hear more about how we can help start your project as soon as possible, either email us at or call us at 0151 702 0143. We look forward to hearing from you and beginning this journey together!

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