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Step into the world of video production in Manchester with Guide Video. Discover how we bring your stories to life in this vibrant city.

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In the heart of Manchester, video production takes on a distinct character, reflecting the city’s rich history, diverse communities, and innovative spirit. It’s about transforming ideas and narratives into compelling visual stories that resonate with local audiences and beyond.

Next-level video production in Manchester

Video production in Manchester is a dynamic process of creating engaging and visually captivating videos within the landscape of this vibrant city. It encompasses every aspect of video creation, from initial concept development to the final post-production touches, all while embracing the unique culture and energy of Manchester.

The process of video production in Manchester typically begins with brainstorming creative concepts and developing scripts tailored to the specific objectives of the project. Once the concept is solidified, the production team embarks on location scouting, casting, and securing the necessary equipment and resources.

Whether it’s a corporate video, a documentary, a promotional video, or any other form of visual content, Manchester provides a diverse and dynamic backdrop.

Sectors we help

Explore how we leverage our video expertise to serve various industries in Manchester.

Food & Drink

Capturing the delicious world of culinary delights, our videos savour the flavours of Manchester's food & drink scene, every dish is a star.


From the roar of the crowd to the athlete's dedication, we bring the excitement of Manchester's sports scene to life with electrifying videos.


Our videos transform melodies into mesmerising visuals, creating dynamic music videos that harmonise with the music scene.


We paint a picture of Manchester's diverse lifestyle, showcasing the city's culture and vibrancy in every frame of our videos.

What services do we offer in Manchester?

Discover the wide range of video services we offer in Manchester. From concept to creation, explore how we can bring your vision to life in this dynamic city.

We specialise in bringing your ideas to life through creative storytelling, impeccable visuals, and top-notch production techniques, all while harnessing the unique energy of Manchester.

Our commercials captivate audiences, conveying your message effectively with memorable visuals and compelling storytelling, reaching viewers across Manchester and beyond.

We excel at boosting brand awareness and conversion rates with our comprehensive video marketing strategies, tailored to you, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

We craft authentic narratives that genuinely connect with your audience, conveying your brand’s values, and fostering deeper engagement within your brand’s community.

Our videos shine a spotlight on your offerings, providing potential customers in Manchester with a comprehensive understanding of your products’ features and benefits.

We create captivating, informative stories that captivate and inspire your audience in Manchester, offering immersive narratives that resonate with viewers throughout the city and beyond.

Some brands we've worked with...

Explore the top brands and organisations we’ve partnered with in the past to produce top-quality videos.

Why work with Guide Video?

Unlock the power of video with Guide Video in Manchester. Explore how we elevate brands through creativity, expertise, and a deep understanding of the city.

Our portfolio

Explore our portfolio to witness the impact we’ve made for brands like yours through the magic of video.

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Novotel Hotel (Showcase Video)

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LFC Experience (Official Promo)

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Clatterbridge (Explainer Video)

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