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At Guide Video, we specialise in video production for everything related to sports. We continue to provide fans, athletes, and audiences with only the highest quality action related to their sport to capture the attention of the viewers.

Teamwork makes the dream work

When it comes to sports video production, Guide Video are your go-to production company for capturing your live event in motion, but we understand that we can’t do this without you. Without your input, your specialist capabilities within your chosen sport, and a shared vision, it would not be possible.

That’s why we ensure that we bring our A-game to not only capture the sheer skill level of your sport but also create a cinematic experience for the fans to remember for years to come. We ensure generating emotion and passion using our expert content creators, high-level filmmaking, and well-connected marketing is a top priority, as having more eyeballs and hype around your project is vital for future success.

Whether you want to promote an advertisement that has the same potential as Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign, you want to create a documentary covering the entire history of your team, or even just entertain your audience on social media with short-form content, we’re the top-of-the-table sports video production company to choose from.

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Our sports video production portfolio

LFC Experience (Official Promo)

Grand National 2023 Highlights

Our process for top-of-the-podium results

Without a plan of action for your sports content, you would have rushed and low-quality videos, equaling low-end results. At Guide Video, we take you through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring you know exactly what is going to be presented to your audience upon publishing.

In this creative stage, we talk about your goals as a sports brand, the type of content you want to produce and your goals for the sports video content. Not only that, but we’ll look at the entire layout of the videos, the locations we can use to shoot the footage, find the right performers to be in the video, and many more.

During the production phase, we will have everything in place, from what we want to shoot ready and everyone/everything in place to do so. Now, we will use our expert filmmakers, videographers, directors, and more to ensure that the filming process runs smoothly with all our high-quality recording equipment, lighting, and sound systems in use.

Once your brand video, documentary, or whatever you have chosen to film with Guide Video is done, our expert video editors will make the final touches to your sports production masterpiece. By adding music, effects, transitions, and many more techniques, you will have a video that you’ll be proud to publish to your audience, ready to meet your core messaging.

Why choose Guide Video?

Access to a wide network

Access to a wide network

At Guide Video, we have 20 years of experience in radio, TV, film and digital communications. We’re your link to a network of media heavyweights, including presenters, personalities and PR experts within the sporting industry.

We take on any challenge

We take on any challenge

From working with the likes of Liverpool Football Club all the way to small local businesses, no sports video production project looks the same for us. We’re open and willing to work on a project of any size, as we know we can handle anything that comes our way.

Experts in video production

Experts in video production

As you can see from our list of clients, we work with largely-renowned brands around the world. We’re extremely grateful for every opportunity we get, and that’s why we make sure we have the best equipment, the best people, and overall the best production quality to keep us at the top of the table and produce the best results for everyone who works with us.

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