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Welcome to the world where moments, experiences, and stories come to life through the lens. At Guide Video, we specialise in lifestyle video production, capturing the vibrancy of everyday life and the extraordinary moments that make it unique.

Life in frames

Our mission is to turn ordinary into extraordinary. From showcasing fashion and beauty to travel adventures, culinary delights, and everything in between, we’re here to amplify the essence of lifestyle in every frame. With a team of talented videographers, editors, and storytellers, we craft videos that resonate with your audience, engaging them on a personal level. 

Bring your lifestyle to life

Lifestyle video production is the art of capturing and celebrating the essence of everyday life, interests, and experiences through the lens. We specialise in creating captivating videos that showcase various aspects of lifestyle, whether it’s the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, exciting travel adventures, gym guides, or any other facet of modern living.

At Guide Video, our team of skilled videographers and storytellers collaborates to bring your lifestyle to life on screen. Whether you’re an individual looking to document your journey or a brand seeking to connect with your audience on a personal level, we’re here to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary stories.

Our lifestyle video production services focus on authenticity and relatability, aiming to engage and inspire your audience. We believe in capturing the spirit of everyday life while providing entertainment, information, or inspiration to those who watch.

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Why choose Guide Video?

In the world of lifestyle video production, Guide Video stands out as your ultimate creative partner.

 Lifestyle Experts

Lifestyle Experts

We live and breathe lifestyle. Our team understands the nuances of different lifestyles, from fashion and beauty to travel, culinary adventures, and more. We're not just videographers; we're storytellers who know how to capture the essence of your unique lifestyle.

Memorable Impact

Memorable Impact

We don't just create videos; we craft experiences. Our lifestyle videos are designed to engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression. Whether you're an individual sharing your journey or a brand connecting with your audience, we can help create an impact.

Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration

Your vision matters. We believe in collaborative storytelling, and your input is invaluable. Our team works closely with you to ensure that your lifestyle, your story, and your ideas take centre stage in the video production process.

Our process

With Guide Video, your lifestyle is transformed into a captivating visual story. Our process is designed to create videos that engage, inspire, and resonate with your audience, celebrating the vibrancy and uniqueness of your lifestyle.

In the creative stage, we embark on a journey to transform your lifestyle into a captivating visual story. Just as every lifestyle is unique, so is our approach. We brainstorm ideas, develop concepts, and collaborate closely with you to understand your vision. This is where the magic begins, where we conceptualise how to capture the vibrancy and authenticity of your lifestyle.

Once the creative vision is set, we move into the video pre-production phase. This is the planning phase, where we ensure that every detail is meticulously arranged. We scout locations, assemble equipment, coordinate schedules, and cast talent if needed. Our goal is to set the stage for a smooth and successful video shoot, much like preparing for an exciting lifestyle adventure.

Lights, camera, action! The video production phase is where your lifestyle takes center stage. Our talented team of videographers and crew work diligently to capture the planned shots. Just as you live your lifestyle authentically, we aim to capture it authentically on camera. Every frame is carefully composed to showcase the essence of your unique way of living.

After the video shoot, we enter the post-production phase, where the raw footage is transformed into a polished masterpiece. Our skilled editors weave together the visuals, enhance colors, refine sound, and add any necessary special effects. It’s here that your lifestyle truly comes to life, ready to engage and inspire your audience.

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Beatles Museum

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LFC Experience

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Novotel Paddington Village

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Hope Street Hotel & Spa

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Martin Mere

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Aintree Style

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