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Exploring The 11 Main Types Of Marketing Videos to Use

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If you think back to your social media feeds, the websites you view, and all the content you consume on a daily basis, videos probably make up the vast majority of what you see online. To say they don’t grab your attention like anything else would be a lie.

Whether these are short-form snippets from social media or documentary-style videos on mass media channels, the engagement they receive is undeniable.

If you’re a marketer yourself or a business owner trying to grow their online presence, you’ll know this yourself. Your digital marketing efforts all come down to reaching an audience, retaining them with a heartfelt message, and then maximising the goals you have as a company with the audience you’ve curated.

If you want to look at the 11 main types of marketing videos you, as a business, can use moving forward, we have you covered. Carry on reading to see how video marketing can forever change your company’s mission and vision.

What Are Marketing Videos?

Marketing videos can be simply defined as any type of video that looks to promote or sell your product or service through visual content. They are often used in digital marketing campaigns and shared via social media, advertising, and websites to reach the desired target audience.

All businesses will have different goals for their marketing videos; however, the main goals of a marketing video are either to reach a mass target audience, inform readers on a specific topic, or convert an audience to use a product or service.

They are used to show off why a business is unique, what their products or services bring to the table, and how it can benefit the audience that is listening and watching what they have to say. Effective marketing videos will often achieve the goal that you set out, but ineffective video marketing content will often just be scrolled past and left in the never-ending ether.


Benefits of Marketing Videos

If you decide that video marketing is something that you want to carry out, you will see many benefits if it’s done correctly. Here are some of the main advantages you’ll see:

These are just a few of the many pros of implementing videos into your business’s marketing strategy. At the end of the day, video marketing is the future. Especially with it becoming increasingly difficult to grab the attention of the population nowadays.


The 11 Main Types of Marketing Videos For Businesses

Now that you may be itching to consider some video content for your own business, we’re going to show you a list of 11 main types of marketing videos that can be used to generate vast amounts of attention, sales and conversions for your company:

Explainer Videos

Company Culture Videos

Product Videos

Social Media Videos

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Educational Videos

Tutorials or ‘How-to’ Videos

Testimonial Videos

Case Study Videos

Paid Advertising Videos

Documentary Videos


1. Explainer Videos

One of the best ways to show off your brand’s specialities through marketing videos is through explainer videos. Otherwise known as demo videos have the goal of explaining the problem that occurs if your audience doesn’t have your product or service, and then showing them exactly why they need it.

If they have consistent narratives, incredible production, and visually pleasing animation, you will see a huge increase in your ability to retain your audience’s attention. You’ll often see a big jump in conversion rate if your explainer videos evoke emotions from the viewers.


2. Company Culture Videos

Of course, you can show the fun side of your business and what you do to cool off from work, but company culture videos can be an extremely powerful marketing tool if you showcase the values, mission, and vision behind your company. Once you show people what you stand for and how you operate on a day-to-day basis, you’ll immediately earn more respect.

Showing your environment and culture during these videos is crucial. This can show potential customers or clients what they can expect if they choose to work with you. If you seem relatable, hard-working, have core values, and have a vision for the future, it’d be hard to deny you.


3. Product Videos

Product videos, hence the name, are only for those who sell products. Similar to parts of an explainer video, it’s going to show exactly how your product is used, how it can benefit your audience, and why they should choose yours over others within the industry.

It’ll not only help them understand the value of your product, but it should also grab their attention by hitting pain points. This will turn them into paying customers rather than scrolling past your videos like most posts online.


4. Social Media Videos

Social media videos allow you to have more freedom in your work. They should provide insights into your business, help you grow via trends, show off your products and services, and many more. Developing a social media strategy and sticking to it can be one of the main drivers to engaging an audience and creating a real family through video.

It can also show proof of your legitimacy. If you are who you say you are, social media allows you to build that trust and create high-quality content that shows off your talent as a company.


5. Behind-the-scenes Videos

A behind-the-scenes video is one that feels more exclusive, almost like it shouldn’t be shown. However, what it can do for a business is show that you have nothing to hide. All your behind-the-scenes footage that no one sees can provide a real insight into what it takes on a daily basis to reach the level your business is at.

People love to feel a part of the process and like to see the authenticity of a company too, as social media always makes it seem perfect, but at times, if you’re a business owner, you know that is not the case.


6. Educational Videos

These videos are slightly different to most videos within marketing. The purpose of these is to actually educate your audience and provide real value to them. Business is sometimes seen as a selling machine, but if you’re informing people about things related to your industry, they can not only trust you more but also learn a lot more about the subject from you.

Educational videos are also great for the Google search engine. Especially if you’re creating answers to sought-after queries online within your niche.


7. Tutorials or ‘How-to’ Videos

If you’re going to create tutorials or ‘how-to’ videos for your audience, this is where you’re going to show them how to use your product. These are great tools if you get lots of FAQs (frequently asked questions), as they can prove that you go above and beyond to help your audience with their questions.


8. Testimonial Videos

One of the most powerful marketing videos you can use if you’re looking to gain more customers and clients is by sharing current successful client or customer testimonials on your website, social media, and any other digital platforms.

Not only does this give you social proof, but it allows the audience to see you as an authoritative and trustworthy figure. If you’re getting rated highly and recommended by others, you’re going to see a massive boost in sales and conversions.


9. Case Study Videos

Case studies, similar to testimonials, are to have social proof that your products and services are what you say they are. If you can show a detailed case study, meaning you show the value and quality of your work and how it has benefited your audience, you’re going to gain a lot more attention.

Case studies are basically just more in-depth testimonials, showing the actual results that you’ve generated for clients or how a product has helped a customer (with evidence).


10. Paid Advertising Videos

Paid advertising, as shown by the name, is not intended to gain the attention of an audience organically. Instead, you’re promoting your content through sponsored and paid media. For example, using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and many more.

There are many different goals with paid advertising, such as brand awareness and spreading a message, but the main objective is to obtain earnings from them. Paid advertising allows you to find your audience through filters and tools and then market your products or services to them, often reaching them a lot faster than traditional organic marketing.


11. Documentary Videos

Documentaries are in their own category, we feel, as they’re often an extremely long form of content. Documentary videos for businesses can either instruct, entertain, or educate an audience on a certain topic, issue, or real-life event.

However, the marketing purpose of a documentary is to use a long-form piece of content to build a deeper connection and understanding with your audience. Often, short-form content doesn’t give you enough time to show your true self. However, with documentaries, you have as long as you want to influence the audience to perceive you in the way you want to be perceived.

Not just that, but the passion and effort you put into a documentary takes dedication and your target market will respect that and oftentimes follow your business journey more, just because of the documentary (obviously as long as the documentary is good and evokes emotion).


Bottom Line

As you can see, from a business perspective, you’re not short of content that you can begin creating. They play a huge role in every part of your marketing funnel, and no matter your goal, they’re going to help more people see your work.

However, if you’re unsure of where to start, what types of content to make, and struggling to decide what types of marketing videos suit your business, Guide Video are here to not only help you decide what videos to make but also create them with professional video production.

To stand out, even with video content, is difficult in the beginning, but with our experience working for national leading brands such as Liverpool Football Club, Eurovision, the NHS, and many more, we know we have what it takes to help you thrive and build a community of loyal, high-paying clients and/or customers.

If you want to reach out to us about working together, contact us today by calling us at 0151 702 0140 or clicking the ‘get in touch with us’ button below for more information. We can’t wait to hear back from you!


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