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The Importance Of Video Marketing For Your Business Explained

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It is not difficult to understand why video marketing has become the most popular marketing tool for businesses and users online when trying to create brand awareness and boost sales or client repertoire.

In fact, 93% of marketers say that it’s an important part of their marketing, while 78% of video marketers say it has increased sales according to ‘The State of Video Marketing 2021’ report, and that is in 2021, when things were only just starting to take off with TikTok, and other short-form video content.

Yet, why has the importance of video marketing content become so prominent for marketers and business owners? That’s what we’ll be looking at in detail throughout this article, allowing you to gain a better understanding of why it could be so vital to implement into your own marketing campaign.


Types of Video Marketing

Unfortunately, bringing your vision to life through video marketing isn’t as easy as just picking up a camera, recording one style of content, and then posting it all over social media. It is a lot more intricate than that, but it can also be done by any business.

Making sure you have a solid content marketing strategy, along with getting to grips with the different types of video marketing that may suit your company when planning and recording these videos, will give you the best chance of succeeding online, regardless of your goal. Here are the main types of video marketing you need to be aware of:

These are just a few of the main types of video marketing that you can produce for your company, and we hope that some of these have sparked some intrigue and ideas for how you can show off your brand in a unique way using one or more of the types above.


Importance of Video Marketing For Businesses

For your brand to flourish in digital marketing, video content marketing is just one of the things you’re going to have to adopt. As the visual preferences of modern-day consumers continue, here are some of the core reasons why you should consider video marketing for your business:


1. It Will Increase Your Brand Awareness and Credibility

If you go about creating a video marketing strategy in the correct way, and the content is targeted to the correct audience, there is no doubt that you will get more eyeballs on your product or service, along with being more credible within your industry.

People trust high-quality and real people, and if you’re creating engaging content to go with it, you’re going to start turning viewers into fans. Don’t just take our word for it, the following video marketing statistics show that 90% of video marketers say video has helped them increase brand awareness.

With the introduction of AI too, customers are in desperate need of human connection, and if a brand can offer them that, they’re going to go with that brand that they can connect with.


2. You Will See Sales and Conversions Skyrocket

Probably the most important metric when it comes to video marketing is its impact on your sales and conversion rates. If you’re a company that just provides written content, how do you expect people to spend their hard-earned money on something they can hardly see?

You know for yourself that if you’ve seen a product and there are videos showcasing the product and brand, it evokes an emotion from you, and that’s why you buy. Well, it’s no different when you sell your own products or services.

Not only that, but you better understand how the product or service works when you see it with your own eyes. This just proves that video marketing is the cornerstone of your customer journey from start to finish, and beyond.


3. It is Easily Shareable With Unlimited Reach

Have you ever found a video informative, or emotion-evoking and shared it with one of your friends, spouses, or family members? Well, if you haven’t, then I don’t believe you, but the ease of sharing video content with people all over social media platforms is incredibly accessible.

These likes, comments, and shares that you receive on social media will not only make you more visible to your target audience, but they will also influence people to purchase your products or services. In fact, according to surveys, an incredible 93% of companies have acquired new customers via social media video.


4. Placing Videos on Your Website Increases SEO Performance

We’ve discovered that videos allow your target market to understand your product and service better, along with boosting sales and conversions. Yet, in terms of best SEO practices, videos are now encouraged to level up your SEO efforts.

The reason for this is that if your audience spends a while on your website watching the high-quality, engaging video content you’ve created, this will potentially earn you higher rankings within your industry.

Additionally, if you’re answering queries with videos that people are searching for and your video is at a high standard and valuable to your audience, Google will recognise that and place you higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This is all because Google wants to help solve customer queries as efficiently as possible.


5. Staying Competitive Within Your Niche

According to HubSpot, 81% of businesses are now using video marketing for their businesses and it is no surprise that we’re seeing more sales and conversions than ever before being made by companies across the globe.

A video is great for storytelling, it is great for getting your brand’s message out there, it is great for showcasing your products or services in action, and many more. Therefore, if you’re not even incorporating videos and your competitors are, you’re going to fall behind massively, as they’ll be providing more relevant, relatable and useful content to your target audience.

This doesn’t mean that everything has to be only video, but having a mix of different types of content on your website and social media will give you the best chance of success in your business.


Getting Started With Video Marketing

It is there for all to see that the statistics and personal experiences with videos are going to be a powerful marketing tool in your content strategy if done correctly. If you’ve taken anything from this, it is that it is crucial to build relationships with your audience via video content, otherwise, they’re just going to scroll past you without any thought whatsoever.

To make the most of this digital marketing tool, having high-quality production, planning behind each video, and deep thought into how you’re going to make this relatable to your audience is key.

Here at Guide Video, we’re experts in video production and have provided social media content, product videos, brand videos, documentaries, and the list goes on for well-recognised brands such as the NHS, Uber Eats, Liverpool Football Club, etc.

Therefore, if you want to go the full nine yards with your video content and really give your audience the visual experience they deserve, why not reach out to us today to level up your video marketing across the board? Give us a call at 0151 702 0140 or get in touch with us using the button below the FAQ section. We can’t wait to hear what your plans and projects are!


Video Marketing FAQs

Yes, video marketing can be profitable for a business. In fact, statistics show that 87% of businesses that use video as a marketing tool are in profit, meaning that the majority of people who put video marketing into practice with some thought will reap the monetary benefits.
In regards to whether video marketing can gain you more customers, it is actually one of the most powerful marketing tools that your audience will react to. This means that customers are likely to connect more with your brand and understand your products and services more, ultimately leading to more customers for your company.
Videos are better than text because they’re a lot easier to digest. Think of it as would you rather read 1000 words, or watch a 2-minute video that explains it a lot easier? Video is almost always going to be the answer, and while written content is vital, video content has been proven to process these visuals 60,000 times faster than text.


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